Jelte Homminga

Web Developer - Full Stack - JavaScript



I live in Amsterdam with my beautiful wife and lovely baby daughter. I like cooking and to go running. I have a special interest in Indonesia. That means I love the food and go on holiday there once per year with the family. Also I like JavaScript and JavaCoffee. I like to solve problems and come up with new approaches. I think it's great to keep on learning and to work with new technologies.

With my previous experience as business analyst and functional designer I have showed that I am analytical and a teamplayer that likes to work in an agile environment. What I like about web development is to be able to build applications myself and see the result. I like to work hard and celebrate great achievements with people I work with.

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Open Fridge

Full Stack application to share food. If you have food that you don't need that can expire you can offer the food or accept a food request in the application. As a user you can also request food or accept a food offer. This way the user that have food to share and the users that would still like to make use of the food can come in contact with eachother. The application is built on the MERN stack with MongoDB, Express, React and Node.js. Bulma is used as CSS framework.

MongoDB / Express / React / Node.js / Bulma


Food Bid

Back-end application in which you can request what to eat and let the restaurants and/or homechefs bid on it. Built on server side on Node.js with use Express for routing, MongoDB as database and Handlebars as view engine for templating. BootStrap is used as CSS framework.

MongoDB / Express / Handlebars / Node.js / BootStrap



The first project at the Ironhack bootcamp was to create a game of choice. I chose to recreate the game Frogger that I loved to play as a child. I built the game in vanilla JavaScript with use of the HTML canvas element for the movement and transition. I followed an object orientated approach with use of classes and methods.

Vanilla JavaScript / Canvas / OOP

Have fun! 🐸


Flickr Search

Minimal Flickr Search app in React. With this app I learned to apply React Redux. I used React hooks to make sure the focus is in the searchbox when the app is loaded and the focus is on the search results when the pictures are searched or when you navigate to the next page. For the searchbox I make use of a debounce input component to make sure the search is only done after typing is finished. The pictures itself are lazy loaded depending on scroll position and become visible when loading is done. Pagination is added and pagination options depend on current page and amount of results.

React Redux / React Hooks / Debounce / Lazy Loading / Pagination

GitHub page

Pub Quiz

Quiz app built in React. The user will after entering his/her name 10 questions. There is a countdown timer that gives max 30 seconds to answer the question. The questions and answers are provided by an API. The answers are shuffled. Also the user cannot receive the same question twice. High scores with name are saved in local storage.

React / Timer / API

GitHub Page


I'm an active learner on Codecademy. This is one of the first sites where I became interested in coding. Currently I am following the Web Development path which I almost finished. Check out my profile, courses I followed and more than 210 badges I have earned.